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Personal finance is not rocket science. It’s actually very simple. These few rules will help you get on top of your finances

Personal finance is not rocket science. It’s actually very simple but many people get it wrong because it’s not something that you learn early in school.

My first encounter with personal finance was at university when I studied BSc in Finance. I didn’t have much money then, so it was…

Follow your passion is dangerous career advice. It works in very few cases. Instead, turn your focus towards developing valuable skills and career capital.

When I was 16, I had a real dilemma regarding the choice of my career. Should I continue running the business that I started when I was 15? Should I follow my passion and study filmmaking? Or, should I abandon both ideas and study finance instead to earn more money?

How I purchased my first rental property, renovated it, what’s my financial return and how COVID-19 affected me

Many people talk about real estate passive income, without actually investing their own money. I’ve always been interested in buying my own rental property so I decided to find out if real estate can indeed be a great passive income investment.

This story will show the complete process of how…

Coronavirus is a perfect example of why we should have an emergency fund. For those who don’t have an emergency fund, this will be a painful lesson.

In a booming economy, it is not exciting to talk about emergency funds. We would much rather talk about investing in stocks, real estate or borrowing money to increase our return on investment (because it’s so cheap to borrow right?).

But today is different. The coronavirus is rapidly spreading around…

In this article we try to answer: When will things be back to normal? Who is at risk? What are the most common myths?

Please note: I am not public health or medical professional. I usually write about personal finance or self-development. However, due to the fact that there is so much false information about COVID-19 and many people think that COVID-19 is just the flu or old people’s disease, I decided to write…

Reading benefits: Whenever you face a new problem, you have a much wider range of valuable information to act on than an average non-reader has.

When I was in secondary school, I hated books. That was mostly because teachers told me what to read and I resisted (reading benefits were clearly unknown to me).

However, when I started studying at university, a guest lecturer once said to me: “You can’t go to a job interview…

How I managed to cut out added sugar and what changed in my life as a result.

Over the past 50 years, sugar consumption has tripled worldwide — especially in developed countries, where people often consume low-cost and highly processed food that contains large amounts of added sugar.

This all happens at the same time when many scientists warn us that high consumption of sugar (especially added…

Rational Hustle

This blog is about personal finance, side hustles, investing and the daily struggles that we all face to keep our business going www.rationalhustle.com

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