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Personal finance is not rocket science. It’s actually very simple. These few rules will help you get on top of your finances

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He knew that such risk-taking is against any financial advice…

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Follow your passion is dangerous career advice. It works in very few cases. Instead, turn your focus towards developing valuable skills and career capital.

Rational Hustle: Follow Your Passion

How I purchased my first rental property, renovated it, what’s my financial return and how COVID-19 affected me

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Coronavirus is a perfect example of why we should have an emergency fund. For those who don’t have an emergency fund, this will be a painful lesson.

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In this article we try to answer: When will things be back to normal? Who is at risk? What are the most common myths?

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Reading benefits: Whenever you face a new problem, you have a much wider range of valuable information to act on than an average non-reader has.

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The five ways in which cycling regularly changed my life.

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How I managed to cut out added sugar and what changed in my life as a result.

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Rational Hustle

This blog is about personal finance, side hustles, investing and the daily struggles that we all face to keep our business going www.rationalhustle.com

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